Local News Archive 2012

Fishlake Findings published weekly in the Thorne and District Gazette until June 2012 and now published as part of the Doncaster Free Press.

LOOKING back at 2012, Fishlake suffered from appalling weather but had some lasting memories which brought the village together in an Olympic year. The street party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June proved to a rip-roaring success with floats decorated in red, white and  blue, a choir, a band, the ubiquitous Mr Magic, dancing into the night and communal singsongs unheard since imperial days. A group of ladies banded together to raise funds for the event and, very sensibly, personally invited all the residents. The Fishlake Falcons put on football matches in celebration and wheelbarrow races were run from pub to pub. A record of the day has been made and has arrived just in time for Christmas. The book, full of huge colour photos, is available from Cllr. Mrs Pam Webb on 01302 842 222 and is a permanent reminder of the day.
Fishlake Vicarage has been transformed into Doncaster House, the home of the Bishop of Doncaster, Rt. Rev. Peter Burrows who has come to join us in our rural fastness.
Bridge troubles and weather woes were temporarily forgotten when the Drama Group put on another first--Mother Goose--. Adults and children alike suspended their belief and indulged in a very professional world of make-believe in which the cast, who had already produced a variety show in the summer, excelled themselves.
One casualty of the weather was the Fishlake Festival which had to be cancelled . However, it promises to be back, bigger and better, next year. The village is looking neater and more cared for ,thanks to the work of the Monday Club in 2012. Their work has included tidying up the churchyard, clearing out the back of the church, remarking the path from Camel's Hump to the river bank, lopping overhead branches and  planting trees near the old river bed. 24/12/12

TUESDAY sees the departure of Ann, the landlady from the Hare and Hounds, who although only a temporary resident has thrown herself into reviving the pub and helping village institutions such as the Monday Club and the Village Hall. We wish her well in her new life.

Father Christmas accompanied by the Lions  paid his annual early visit to Fishlake last Monday, much to the delight of young families. Christmas lights twinkled at him from houses and trees across the village.Meanwhile,on Wednesday the Thursday Coffee Club visited Owston Lodge for a very enjoyable Christmas meal
Black ice led to two cars leaving the road on Sour Lane and heading for the deep ditch which borders it. Winter driving has not been easy this month.
The winners of the Fishlake 100 Club Draw for November were Tim Duckitt, Malcolm Greenslade and Jessica Brownbridge.
 Fishlake Educational Foundation is inviting students aged 18 to 25 from Fishlake or Sykehouse to apply for their tertiary (post A-level) book grant . Applications should be made to Fiona Trimingham, Vine Cottage, Hay Green Corner, Fishlake,DN7 5LA (01302 841411) and be returned by the end of December.
Saint Cuthbert's crib service is at 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve with Holy Communion at 9.30 a.m. on Christmas Day. 17/12/12

OPENING to the jaunty song "I've Got A Brand New Combine 'arvester" Fishlake Drama Group's pantomime, "Mother Goose", got off to a cracking start with its tale of Mother Goose, her new friend Priscilla who lays golden eggs, her soft son Jack, Squire Dastardly, a Fairy Queen, a Demon Queen, bailiffs, an ogre, a ghost, Mother Goose's beautiful daughter and her boyfriend Colin and Jack's soppy would-be girlfriend Kitty. The whole cast is supported by a group of all singing, all dancing rustics who pop up from time to time and help our heroes rescue Priscilla. The opinion of the audience was that yet again the Drama Group had beaten its own record with excellent singing, acting and pyrotechnics. Enjoying the evening were pupils from Longtoft School in Stainforth along with their headteacher. Their presence rounded off the authenticity of the  event as an all round Christmas entertainment. Modern references such as mobile phones, Victoria Beckham and The Old Anchor Inn are thrown liberally into the mix and Priscilla shares with us in the colourful programme that like all Fishlake folk she has webbed feet.

Further research into the Simpsons' coat of arms on the Customs House has revealed that the female side of the arms reveals a marriage with the Wormley family of Hatfield. Thus perhaps explaining Wormley Hill.
A coffee morning is to be held on Wednesday from 10 till 12 in the Hare and Hounds in aid of the Monday Club.The Hare and Hounds will also be presenting the Ross Brothers in the pre-Christmas Show Party on 15th December and on 17th will be sheltering the statues of Mary, Joseph and the donkey as they wend their way around the village on their to their destination: the crib in the parish church at Christmas.10/12/12

COINCIDING with Saint Cuthbert's Christmas Market,which raised £677-58 and was well attended, the festive lights shone out on Saturday outlining the crenellation on our Norman church and announcing the arrival of Advent to the village and to the motorway. Launched at the market was "Memories of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee", a glossy  book full of colour photographs of the village's celebrations in June.The book shows many groups and individuals and will form an important keepsake for years to come. It may be ordered from Mesdames Webb and Holling, who coordinated the celebrations in the summer.

This week sees the long awaited "Mother Goose" presented by Fishlake Drama Group in the Village Hall. The pantomime will be premièred on Wednesday, 5th with the curtain rising at 7.15 and will play for four nights and once again will include a matinée at 2.15 on Saturday. Tickets are still available from Mrs Joy Chaffer on 01302 351218 and cost £6 for adults and £4.50 for children. Photographs of Fishlake Drama Group are now on Facebook.
The river rose ominously with the heavy rainfall last week and with it some village ditches overflowed. There are two other river Dons--in Russia and Scotland --but only one named after our own river, in Toronto in Canada where Lieutenant Governor, John Graves Simcoe, named it because it reminded him of the river Don in Yorkshire.
Correspondence with the College of Arms in London has revealed to Alan and Wendy Brownbridge who live in the Customs House on Main Street that the coat of arms above their house belonged to the Simpson family who once lived in the hall. Sir Edward Simpson was the Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge and the Dean of Arches ( a senior probate judge), who became the M.P.for Dover. He was the eldest son of  Francis Simpson, gentleman, of Fishlake. 03/12/12

FISHLAKE's Coffee Club had a real treat on Friday when they went Christmas shopping at Brigg Garden Centre. Members were delighted with the winter wonderland and the atmosphere. The coach was driven by Cllr.David Chaffer.

The Monday Club has planted 420 mixed native  trees on the Landing and at Camel's Hump. They were given to the village by the Woodland Trust to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year.
Concern is being expressed by villagers at the amount of rubbish being tipped down the lane off Sour Lane.
A deanery report for the future of Stainforth and the Fishlake benefice of parishes talks of rather a bleak outlook  with the area expected to share 1.5 vicars.
The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has described the rural recession, saying that 23% of rural homes were living in 'fuel poverty' in 2009 compared with 17% of urban households. It also reported that one in three rural post offices has closed in the last decade whilst one in four people had limited or no access to Broadband in 2010, which compares with one in twenty in urban areas. The average house in country costs six times the annual rural income and almost a quarter of people in the country  are already over retirement age.
Coming up this weekend Saturday will see St. Cuthbert's church holding its Christmas Fair  between 10 and 12 noon in the parish church and Sunday will see the now traditional annual Christingle service at 10.15 a.m. in Saint Cuthbert's.26/11/12

A TRADITIONAL jumble sale in the Village Hall on Saturday raised £912-22 for the dwindling finances of the Village Hall. The organisers would like to thank everyone who donated items for sale, who helped on the day and particularly Mrs Sheila Hill without whom the event would have been impossible.

Large parts of the village were plagued yet again by the work of cable thieves who stole the copper wires bringing telephone and internet connection to the village last week. These thefts can have potentially lethal results for those attempting to contact the emergency services.
Owing to rehearsals for this year's pantomime, Mother Goose, the Women's Institute will be meeting in the Hare and Hounds this Thursday and not in the Village Hall.
Polling for the new police commissioner was far from brisk last Thursday. When your correspondent went to cast his vote at 9.45 a.m. he was only the second voter of the day. The winner for South Yorkshire was Shaun Wright for Labour.
Bridge problems led to the closure of Jubilee Bridge again on Saturday and Sunday when the Environment Agency tested its sliding flood gates at the weekend.
The Diamond Jubilee committee has announced a healthy surplus of £2,654-65 and has decided to award £400 each to Fishlake Cricket club and to the Fishlake Falcons with £100 going to the Monday Club. A donation of £1,754 will go to the Village Hall as many groups use this facility and will benefit from the increasingly necessary repairs. There are still a few Jubilee beakers available for £5 from Mrs Pam Webb on 01302 842222. A photo book is being compiles as a record of the Jubilee by Mrs Webb.
The parish council met on Tuesday and heard a report on mining which will take place from Fosterhouses in a direction away from the village. The council is concerned at the amounts of plastic bottles and other flotsam and jetsam being left high and dry after tides on the river bank. 19/11/2012

SOMETHING new is happening in Fishlake on Thursday when we are to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for the first time. The polling office for this important position for South Yorkshire will be open from 7a.m. till 10 p.m. on Thursday in the Village Hall.

A nearly new bumper jumble sale is to be held on Saturday in the Village Hall from 10 o'clock. The proceeds are to go to the dwindling finances of the Village Hall.
It is nearly impossible to miss the huge banner in the village for this year's pantomime, "Mother Goose",which will be presented by Fishlake Drama Group from 5th to the 8th December. The curtain rises at 7.15 and there is a Saturday matinée at 2.15. Tickets are available from Mrs Joy Chaffer on 01302 351218. They cost £6 for adults and £4.50 for children.
A bogus male called at an elderly lady's home last week and told her he had fitted fascias at her house the previous week and demanded money. The lady stood her ground and reported him to the police. Meanwhile the stage from Fishlake's Festival has been stolen from the Old School Field.
A Christmas party is to take place at Fishlake Mill ( on Mill Fields) on Friday, 14 th December with a four course meal of Christmas fare and a disco till late at £30 a ticket.
On New Year's Eve there  will be a ball with canapés and a welcome drink on arrival, live music from Sam Harrison who is a vocalist and acoustic guitarist as well as  a pianist . There will be dancing till late with a hot post bells supper. Tickets cost £60 each and may be bought from  07768041910.
Former residents, Brian and Hilda Barnes , have ducked out of our cold nights and frosty mornings by visiting their daughter in the Cayman Islands , one of Britain's remaining overseas territories in the West Indies. 12/11/12

JUST in time for the annual bonfire Fishlake's traffic woes were ended when Cllr John Waite led the first car across Stainforth Bridge since early September. The Cricket Club did us proud with this year's firework display which cost them one hundred pounds a minute for the fifteen minute show. Familiar faces loomed up out of the darkness as we enjoyed the best show for some time on what turned out to be a dry night.

The coffee morning at the Hare and Hounds raised £98 in aid of the Monday Club for its work in clearing and restoring parts of the village.
By popular request another 'Forties Dance and Music party is to be held on Saturday, 19th January 2013 in the Village Hall. Tickets ,which will be limited to 80 only, are available for £5 from Maureen White (tel. 01302 843673). The evening offers D.J. Major Swing and the U.K.'s best George Formby impersonator, P.A. Cooper.
A meeting of the Police and Community Together organisation (PACT), which covers Fishlake, will take place at Long Toft Community Centre in Stainforth on Wednesday, 7th November. 05/11/2012

DARKER nights, fallen leaves and colder days can only mean one thing: Bonfire Night  is upon us. The Cricket Club has chosen to celebrate the event on Saturday with its usual panache --stalls selling Bonfire fare and a bar.The fire will be lit as usual at 6.30 and the fireworks will start at 7p.m. The event seldom disappoints and always brings the village together. Last week's Coffee Morning hosted by the Thursday Coffee Club raised £636-71 for Macmillan Cancer with a well attended event and a generously supported array of prizes for the raffle.

Photographs of this year's Scarecrow Festival have now been placed on the village website: www.fishlakevillage.co.uk Go to 'Events' and 2012.
Making sure we don't forget the hour will be Ian and Chris Holiday who will be winding up the church clock throughout November. 22/10/12

A SKY full of geese brought us running out of our houses last Sunday morning as a noisy skein passed over Fishlake migrating in a south easterly direction. The cacophony of sound only abated when the sky was once more empty. Thursday sees the monthly meeting of the Women's Institute  in the Village Hall. Two Fishlake residents have appeared in Doncaster's Top 50 movers and shakers this autumn. They are Mrs Susan Jordan, Chief Executive of  Saint Leger Homes, and the Venerable Peter Burrows, Bishop of Doncaster.Some of the trees given to the village by the Woodland Trust to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee are to be planted on the Old School Field to shield the large container there. Fancy dress parties are increasingly popular in the village with prizes offered for the best male and female costume at the Hare and Hound's Hallowe'en party on Saturday, 27th October when the vocalist Blue will sing.All primary school aged children from Rev. Eve Atherfold's three parishes are invited to participate in craft activities based on a Bible story from 10 till 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday,31st October in Fishlake Village Hall. Adults are welcome to stay for a cup of coffee.15/10/12

LOVERS of cakes will be doubly pleased this week with two coffee mornings fast approaching. The first is on Saturday between 10 and 12 o'clock in the Village Hall when the "World's Biggest Coffee Morning" rolls into the village, providing us with cakes,books, Punch and Judy, a tombola,toys,a children's competition and Mr Magic in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The second will be on Wednesday, 24th and will take place at the Hare and Hounds at 11 a.m. with cakes on sale in aid of Fishlake's Monday Club. The winner of Tuesday's quiz in the Hare and Hounds was Mrs Marylin Fox.The parish council, chaired by Cllr. John Waite, met last week and was assailed with complaints about the continued closure of Stainforth Bridge. As a result Fishlake Parish Council resolved to write to the two mayors of Doncaster and to DMBC pointing out that the 18th century bridge was a bus route, access to the village for emergency vehicles and the main exit for those wishing to attend the doctor's surgery, post offices or the library in Stainforth. Traffic lights at the foot of the bridge were suggested by the council. The council is seeking figures about the number of days Fishlake has had either Stainforth or Jubilee Bridge closed this year. A report from the Safer Neighbourhood Team said that two break-ins had occurred in Fosterhouses and some speeding cars had been stopped. Fly tipping was causing concern and the parish council expressed interest in acquiring the river bed of the Old Don. The issue of horses on the river bank was also discussed.15/10/12

NEWS spread round the village on Thursday that we should tune into BBC2's quiz programme where teams challenge the resident "Eggheads" as Danny Greenslade, son of Fishlake's flagmaster was to join other rugby players from Doncaster Phoenix in an attempt to beat the quiz masters. Danny and his teammates put up a good fight but were narrowly beaten. News of Stainforth Bridge, the graceful listed building, which dates from 1768 is not so good. Work is now scheduled to start on repairs from 22nd October and should finish by 12th November.One ray of good hope is that pressure from the Neighbourhood Watch and Sandra Walker of the Safer Neighbourhood Team has resulted in the overhanging hedges along Ferry Road near Jubilee Bridge being trimmed giving drivers more space.The winner of the Scarecrow Festival was Benjamin Sengalow with a scarecrow called Elvis. The Parish Church Restoration Fund raised £435 from its coffee morning and would like to thank all who supported it. Meanwhile, Mrs Wendy Brownbridge won the Worzel Gummidge  and Aunt Sally fancy dress competition at the Hare and Hounds.David Chaffer was pleased with the £290 he raised for Alzheimer's  by entering the Great North Run in September and would like to thank his sponsors as would John Creaser who raised £500 for Diabetes UK. 08/10/12

WHILST the village is celebrating its Harvest and Scarecrow Festivals the big question amongst local farmers is will this year's yield of grain, vegetables and fruit be down owing to the violent downpours we have been having since spring.

A permanent reminder of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 will be the arrival and planting in the village of 400 trees given by the Woodland Trust. The parish council has already asked the Monday Club to take care of the operation and they in turn are seeking out sites for the trees. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted. Please contact members of the Monday Club with your ideas.
T he winners of the 100 Club Draw for September were Rev. Eve Atherfold, Mrs Rita Southgate and Cllr. John Waite.
 Cllr. Waite will also be winding up the church clock throughout October.
Rehearsals for "Mother Goose", this year's pantomime, have started with Fishlake Drama group's production running from 5th till 8th December in the village hall. Tickets are available from Mrs Joy Chaffer on 01302 351218 at £6 for adults and £4.50 for children. There is even a matinée at 2.15 on the Saturday. 01/10/12

TOCCATA Tuesday, held in Saint Cuthbert's church in aid of Doncaster Choral Society, had rave reviews and was attended by the Bishop of Doncaster and his wife Mrs Burrows.The evening was introduced by Rev. Eve Atherfold, Vicar of Fishlake, and Fishlake folk provided the excellent refreshments. Music from Handel, John Stanley, Dr. Samuel Wesley, Pasquini and Zipoli was played and appreciated by the congregation. The superb Victorian organ and Witmeyer harpsichord provided the tools for Dr. Simon Lindley's team to supply the village with these classics.

According to wildlife experts our wet summer has led to an explosion of moles in British gardens. My own moles seemed to experience a fit of patriotism when they decided to replicate the number of gold winners in Team GB with a molehill for each. Similarly, dragonflies have proliferated in this monsoon weather.
Fishlake Mill will be holding an Irish Night on Saturday, 22nd September with the bar opening at 5 p.m. and a hog roast served at 7.30. An Irish band, O'Malleys, will entertain at the disco which will go on till late. Tickets at £22 are available from Graham Atha or Sheena on 07788041910 or 01302 841486.
 Expect to see some old friends this Sunday at Saint Cuthbert's as a reunion is held for members of the Anglican Young People's Association founded  in the early 1960s by Rev. Kenneth Arthur and young people from Saint Aidan's in Wheatley Hills. The organisation provided a number of activities for young people in Fishlake and only broke up when studies, marriage or work took them elsewhere. The church service will be followed by a meal at Monk Fryston. Former residents from as far afield as Cornwall, Somerset and even Canada are expected by organiser, Mrs Delise Thorp (née Maltby).17/09/12

LOCKDOWN in Fishlake greeted residents and visitors alike on Friday after a JCB damaged the parapet of Stainforth Bridge over the river Don. Stonework collapsed and repairs may take up to two or three weeks. Meanwhile DMBC is resurfacing the Nab, Main Street and part of Pinfold Lane.

The annual general meeting of Fishlake's Neighbourhood Watch will take place on Wednesday,19th September at 7 o'clock in the Village Hall. Existing and new members are welcome.
The Women's Institute will be holding a 'spicy' evening on Thursday, 27th September at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall when the ladies will be treated to a talk on Indian cooking.
Alan Hodges' team won the quiz last week in the Hare and Hounds. Unusually, this quiz was devised by teenagers.
Looking upwards swallows are already gathering on telegraph poles for their long annual trek to Africa.
The parish council's flag has been flying at half mast this week to mark the passing of its former clerk, Keith Cowlishaw, at the age of 80. During the 1960's he helped organise gymkhanas to raise funds to refurbish the Village Hall and went on to become one of Saint Cuthbert's church wardens for sixteen years. He took up clockwinding in 1980 and with his late wife Mary was a pillar of the parish church. Among his many interests was his membership of Barnsley Mountaineering Club.10/09/12

ALTHOUGH there was no festival this year owing to the wet summer the committee still had its expenses to cover and the raffle was held and drawn on Thursday in the Old Anchor Inn. The winner was David Lee (£50), second was Mrs Pam Pyatt (suitcases), third was A.Smiley ( meat board), fourth: Mrs Benford (£30 worth of Asda groceries), fifth : Mr P.Sheldrake (£10 Co-op voucher) and sixth: Mrs Claire Holling (two bottles of wine).

Sadly the village has lost Mrs Maureen Copley at the age of 68, the wife of local builder Jack and a mother of two. Mrs Copley served on Fishlake's Educational Foundation and supported many village activities.
The winners of the Fishlake 100 Club Draw for August were Mrs Brenda Clarke, Mrs Barbara Smith and Mr Colin Bloor.
Saint Cuthbert's church is appealing for help from residents with its cleaning rota. Volunteers are asked to contact one of the church wardens or Mrs Benford.
The landlady of the Hare and Hounds has presented the Village Hall Committee and the Monday Club with £96 each from the proceeds of the Bank Holiday fun day held last week.
Residents have received letters from the Royal Mail asking us from later this month to be good neighbours and take in our neighbours' letters etc when they are out. This will save them the time and  expense of a journey to Stainforth Post Office to claim their post.
Weather permitting, September should end with a flourish for Fishlake with the weekend of the 29th and 30th chosen for the village's fourth Scarecrow Festival. To register your scarecrow contact Mrs Travis on 01302 845111, Voting papers will be available in the church on Saturday until 4p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. till 4p.m. Meanwhile the Hare and Hounds is holding a fancy dress party with the theme of Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally on Saturday, 29th and the weekend will culminate in Saint Cuthbert's Harvest Festival on Sunday at 9.30 a.m. 03/09/12

MISSING from the view from the Nab are the remaining cooling towers at Thorpe Marsh which were demolished last week after half a century. Looking the other way we can see the wind farm in Thorne representing our change from fossil fuels to embracing a greener form of power for the future in this decade. 

The fun day at the Hare and Hounds will benefit the Monday Club and the Village Hall Committee. Unfortunately, attendance at  the craft day on Bank Holiday Monday was blighted by rain.
Members of the Women's Institute and the Thursday Coffee Club enjoyed their outing to Saltaire last week when they visited Sir Titus Salt's model town near Leeds. En route the party dropped in on Ilkley for refreshments as a way of avoiding the traffic in Leeds.
Tea time on Saturday was postponed by an electrical power cut which lasted for two hours.
Throughout September Councillor John Waite will be winding up the church clock to keep the rest of us on time. 27/08/12

PRESENT in the capital for Team GB's goldrush during London 2012 were Paul and Sheila Sheldrake and Chris and Marie Watson adding Fishlake's voice to the home crowd's support.

Distinguishing itself from neighbouring villages Fishlake is continuing its tradition of appointing people to unusual jobs. For many years we had a village pinder. Now, the parish council has appointed a flagmaster who is in charge of the flagpole on the Landing. He is former publican Malcolm Greenslade, who is now working equidistantly between his two old hostelries. He can be relied on to commemorate some unusual events in the coming months. Watch this space.
The winning quiz team on Tuesday at the Hare and Hounds was captained by Don Turner whilst Neil Livesey won the jackpot.
Rehearsals start this week for Fishlake Drama Group's Christmas production of Mother Goose which will be performed on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th December. The costumes for this pantomime are much sought after.
A new group intended for Coffee and a Chat has started up at Saint Cuthbert's between 10 and 11.30 on Saturday mornings.
 Supporting a fun day at the Hare and Hounds on Sunday will be helping village institutions as the Monday Club and the Village Hall Committee will both benefit from the proceeds. The fun will start at12.30 and along with the usual stalls and barbecue will feature Jacko the clown and a bouncy castle. The following day, the Bank Holiday, will see a car boot and table top sale from 1 p.m.20/08/12
NIGHTLIFE in Fishlake is usually reserved for the owls, but Tuesday, 21st is Toccata Tuesday and sees a free concert of popular organ music in Saint Cuthbert's church at 7.30 p.m. by Dr. Simon Lindley (of Doncaster Choral Society) followed by refreshments and a raffle. Meanwhile, the farmers are toiling well past our beautiful sunsets in their attempts to make hay before the rest of the harvest starts with headlights blazing on tractors and laden hay waggons.
There will be no meeting of the Women's Institute this month as the ladies will be visiting Sir Titus Salt's model town of Saltaire.
Dun Drainage has taken advantage of the sunny days to ditch and hedge around the village whilst the Monday Club has been busy clearing the old river bed near the Landing.
The winners of the quiz in The Old Anchor Inn on Thursday were Messrs Chaffer and White.
Advance notice is given of a fun day to be held on Sunday, 26th at The Hare and Hounds with the proceeds going to Village hall and the Monday Club. Donations to the raffle, the cake stall or the tombola would be appreciated. Craft stalls are also available for the fun day and the event will be followed by a car boot and table top sale on Monday, 27th. with pitches available for £4.
Has anyone seen Max? Max is a ginger tom who has been missing for almost two weeks from the home of Mrs Sue Marshall on West Bank. It is feared he may be trapped in an outhouse or garage. If you see him please contact Sue on 01302 844994.14/08/12

PHOTOGRAPHS of Fishlake Drama Group's recent variety production, A Night of Nights, will appear shortly on the village website: www.fishlakevillage.co.uk Once there go to 'events'. Winding up the church clock throughout August will be Mr Howard Mason whilst the winners of the 100 Club for July were Richard Walker, Christine Williams and Michael Silvester. 

Cycling round the village it is impossible to miss the large number of hollyhocks in local gardens. It is only appropriate as they were formerly known as Saint Cuthbert's coles in honour of Fishlake's patron saint and would be found in church and monastery gardens.
A large crowd of walkers from Norton could be seen in the village on Sunday. Isn't it time that enterprising villagers started to profit from our visitors by selling them eggs, jam, honey and home grown vegetables or by providing bed and breakfast?
A children's dance school is holding an open day in the Village Hall on Saturday, 18th August between 2 and 4 p.m. with the aim of starting lessons in September. For more information contact Sara Douglas on 07763859901. 06/08/12

FOLLOWING Fishlake's flag diplomacy is becoming harder. The flagpole arrived on the Landing to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and naturally flew the Union Flag, this switched to Saint George's flag for the Euros in Poland, followed by a period of flying the White Rose symbol for God's Own County when suddenly last Friday came the surprise of seeing the Greek flag hanging there. A moment's reflection brought back the realisation that the Olympic Games originate in Greece and that the parish council was honouring the fact.

That evening, not to be overshadowed by events in East London, Fishlake Drama Group presented its summer variety show. The Drama Group is now a synthesis of home grown talent, refugees from Thorne Operatic Society and promising students from Trinity Academy. Unusually, this year the younger element were given their heads and under Toni Goulden produced an eclectic mixture of ancient and modern with nods to Abba, Calamity Jane, Lady Gaga, Boy George,Tina Turner, Sister Act and Dirty Dancing. The cast and the audience reflected different age groups and different tastes, but the mixture worked and judging by reactions the music was a great success. There is even talk of going on tour.
The late arrival of summer has brought back butterflies to the village and villagers may want to use the long summer days by making their entries for this year's Scarecrow Festival which will take place in September. 30/07/12

CUT fields already bear witness to the fact that haymaking in our rural fastness has begun. Another sign of summer is Fishlake Drama Group's production of "A Night of Nights" on Friday and Saturday at 7.15 p.m. in the Village Hall. Tickets for the variety show may be obtained from Tina Golden on 01405 813345 for £5.

Thursday at 7p.m. sees the ladies of the Women's Institute meeting in the Village Hall. At their May meeting the ladies dressed up for a trip to the seaside complete with seaside lunch boxes provided by the committee. Mrs Mary Sheldon raised £135 for Riding for the Disabled with her bring and buy stall and Mrs Eileen Purcell won the saucy postcard competition.
Eager beavers to be culture vultures will love a forthcoming event at Saint Cuthbert's parish church when 21st August is to be dubbed Toccata Tuesday with organ music played by Dr Simon Lindley at 7.30 p.m. Entry is free, although there will be a retiring collection for Doncaster Choral Society's Millennium Fund. Dr. Linley is the choir's director as well as being Leeds City organist.
A new group is being formed and invited to meet on Saturday mornings from 4th August from ten till half past eleven in St. Cuthbert's for coffee and a chat.23/07/12
PINNING our faith on Saint Swithin's weatherlore and anxious to forget the recent monsoon weather Fishlake folk are hoping for better weather for our Olympic summer.
The parish council chaired by Cllr. John Waite, invited Ian Wigglesworth, who is in charge of Grass Cutting and Street Cleansing for DMBC, to the meeting on Tuesday as they were unhappy with the standard of both in the village. He argued that DMBC still tried to give good service in spite of cutbacks.
The council studied the National Association of Local Councils' template for council conduct and agreed to follow it. In 'Police Matters' we were informed that no crime had been reported in the previous month. After 'shopping around' insurance costs have fallen for the parish council. The council debated ideas for informing drivers of closures of Jubilee Bridge--possibly with a toggle sign which could be let down saying CLOSED/OPEN.
A discussion took place on the state of the village wetlands, the river bank and the responsibility of the Environment Agency.
A new mining seam has just been started in Fosterhouses and the parish council would like consent for two pumping stations to deal with any flooding.
An instillation date for the next set of street lights is still awaited.
A flood plan was discussed and the meeting was informed that the Annual General Meeting of the Neighbourhood watch will be at 7p.m. on 19th September in the Village Hall.
Residents are asked to look at the village pinfold which has been sown with grass and wild flowers by the Monday Club. 16/07/12

A MONTH'S rain on Friday caused high water and closed Jubilee Bridge, putting paid to hopes of holding the festival on the waterlogged School Field next Saturday. An emergency meeting of the festival committee has postponed the event until the autumn. 

In spite of the weather Room 21, the popular swingband slipped into the village on Saturday night to entertain guests of the Women's Institute with foot tapping hits of the 1940's. A raffle was organised by Mrs Mary Sheldon and raised £200  in aid of Riding for the Disabled, the local charity based at Rossington Hall.     
Wednesday saw Fishlakians on their annual rendez-vous with the sea when Councillor John Waite led the party of over sixties to Whitby. Villagers declared themselves to be fortunate with the weather.    
An appeal for help has been sent by Mrs Eileen Pierce from Suffolk.In early 1939 children from the Benton family in Doncaster were placed with Doctor Barnado's following the death of their mother, Rose William Henry, born in 1937, was adopted by a policeman's family who lived in Fishlake. Does anyone remember our Wartime bobby and his family as Mrs Pierce would like to trace her brother? If so, please contact Stephen Cook. 09/07/12

A DELIGHTED Parochial Church Council made £377-50 on Saturday when it was able to use the newly opened up west end for tables for the first time for its coffee morning. Without  the support of WREN, English Heritage and loyal supporters from the village this restoration would not have been possible. Residents commented favourably on the new stonework in the windows.

A return visit to Fishlake by Room 21 on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall will see the popular swing band playing its catchy numbers for us all with tickets costing £2 and a raffle organised by the Women's Institute to raise funds for Riding for the Disabled.
 Winding up the church clock throughout July will be Doug White with the winners of the Fishlake 100 Club Draw for June being Diane Gallagher, Mary Latto and Joyce Bowden.02/07/12
MOTORISTS now enjoy a much smoother ride through the village since the repairs on Main Street and Pinfold by DMBC. Sadly ,however, grass cutting on Sour Lane has revealed large amounts of litter on the way towards Jubilee Bridge.
A dearth of cuckoos has been reported nationally this spring although June has more than made up for this shortage with cuckoos sounding off across the village as they searched for nests.
A group of Fishlake folk was preparing at the weekend to be present in Hatfield on Tuesday to welcome the runners as they passed through Hatfield, the nearest point on the Olympic Torch's route.
Residents are also making ready for this year's Fishlake Festival on 14th July. The Festival will once again be using the Old School Field as its showground. Tickets to the disco are already on sale from Mrs Claire Holling and Mrs Joy Chaffer.
 An opportunity to admire restoration work on our marvellous mediaeval  church may be taken this Saturday morning from 10.30 till 12 when a coffee morning is to be held in the parish church by St. Cuthbert's Restoration Committee.25/06/12
FISHLAKE'S Thursday Coffee Club travelled to The Grand Theatre in Leeds last week in order to see the production of Dirty Dancing which was really appreciated.
The winners of the 100 Club Draw for May were Joy Chaffer, Lucy Wade and Elizabeth Smith whilst winding up the church clock this month will be Trevor Taylor.
Saint Cuthbert's church has been included in a new book : "Britain's Holiest Places" ,which includes 500 sacred sites in Great Britain.
Photos showing the floats from last week's Diamond Jubilee party may now be seen on www.fishlakevillage.co.uk whilst a book of photos of the festivities is being made by Cllr. Mrs Pam Webb and Mrs Helen Edwards. China beakers for young villagers under the age of 18 have been distributed by the parish council to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. A floral tribute by the parish council to the Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012 and to the London Olympics has appeared in the form of flowers sown in the shape of a Saint George's flag in a boat on the Landing and flowers in red, white and blue around the buttercross.11/06/2012
BEDECKED with banners and festooned with flags the village  waited for the countdown to the Jubilee Street Party in front of the Village Hall. A new flagpole sprang up on the Landing as did others in private gardens. The five floats were decorated in red, white and blue as were houses and even the flowers in some gardens along the route. Children and members of organisations scrambled aboard the floats to travel to Sykehouse via Fosterhouses. Earlier in the day the Fishlake Falcons had held a special football competition to celebrate the Jubilee and the Euros with Croatia and Sweden coming out on top. The previous evening saw a large crowd attend the Cricket Club to witness team number one beat the three other teams whilst others took part in a real sporting evening complete with rollerball, tennis, a barbecue and a coconut shy.
The street party was extremely well supported and was accompanied by Mr Magic, alias Gary Coy, the Thurcroft Colliery Band and Thorne and District Male Voice Choir who sang and played a medley of patriotic songs ranging from Rule Britannia to Jerusalem and, of course, God Save The Queen. It was the most successful event for many years in bringing the village together and is to the credit of Councillor Mrs Pam Webb and her committee. Fishlake continued to party into the night with a hog roast and modern music.
Even the weather played its part as we exchanged the leaden skies of Friday for the bright sunshine of Saturday before returning to 'Coronation' weather on Sunday. 04/06/12

OVER £600 was made at the Pimms and Champagne afternoon at Truffle Lodge last week. The organisers were complimented on their community spirit as the profits will go towards the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the village.

Councillor Peter Trimmingham has been to see our M.P.,Ed. Miliband, to press for help with his campaign to impove broadband speeds to our village.
Friday evening will see the start of the celebrations with an It's a Knockout Cricket match at 6 o'clock at the Cricket Club. The following morning at 10 o'clock sees a Junior Football Tournament at the Falcons' ground on Sour Lane, whilst the long awaited street party is to be held outside the Village Hall at 2 p.m. with colourful floats decorated by village organisations and a climax of a grand finale of a hog roast and licensed bar from 6 p.m. onwards.
The village's connections with the royal weekend do not end there as Anita Mark ( née Walters) who attended Fishlake Endowed School will be singing with her choir from Christchurch, Shooters Hill, in Greenwich at a specially recorded Songs of Praise for the BBC on Sunday evening when Anita, wearing green , will be in the front row singing God Save The Queen from the Royal Naval College in Greenwich. 28/05/12
DANCING to the tunes of the last sixty years, the Ball at the Mill was a huge success with residents who were raising funds for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The moment was captured by a photographer from 'Profile' magazine. The long awaited clean-up for the village will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday when volunteers are asked to meet up at the butter cross at the beginning of Pinfold Lane. Equipment  and refreshments will be provided by the parish council for the first stage of this enterprise which will cover the area from the Nab to the T-junction of Hay Green. 10 a.m on Monday, 28th May will see a meeting in the Village Hall organised by Doncaster Link, a Local Health Watch, to discuss provision by chemists and to talk about health and social concerns. A tea party fit for a Queen is being offered to members of the Thursday Coffee Club when they travel to Walker's Nursery in Blaxton on Monday for a waitress served afternoon tea complete with pianist as part of their celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee.  Residents are warned that the stretch of Pinfold Lane will be closed on 2nd June for the royal celebration street party. Access will still be possible to Church Lane and Trundle Lane with cars being diverted down Dirty Lane and buses and HGVs via Plumtree Lane. 21/05/12
FISHLAKE Parish Council re-elected Councillor John Waite as its chairman and Councillor David Chaffer as its vice chairman last week. The council requested repeater signs for the 30 m.p.h. speed limit in the village and a request was made  for civil marriage ceremonies to be hosted at Fishlake Mill. We learnt that the main road through the village from the Old Anchor Inn to the corner of Hay Green would be closed in some way between 5th and 12th June for repairs. Recent heavy rain has resulted in the river bank being churned up by cattle hooves and a report has been sent to the Environment Agency.The council asked DMBC for a schedule for its grass cutting which was falling below standard.The council also asked the Environment Agency to return and discuss the Wetland Area.
The M.P. for this area, Rt. Hon. Ed. Miliband , will be in Stainforth Library from 10.30 to 11.15 a.m on Friday, 18th May.. However, appointments must be made by 'phoning( 01302) 875 462.
The Diamond Jubilee Committee is continuing with its fund raising on Saturday  between 2 and 4 p.m. when an afternoon of Pimms, champagne and strawberries will be held a Truffle Lodge on Trundle Lane. Tickets cost £5 each and may be obtained from Mrs Claire Holling, Mrs Janet Rothwell and Cllr. Mrs Pam Webb.14/05/12

TORRENTIAL rain and high water in the Don caused Jubilee Bridge to close from Friday evening to Saturday as we sat out part of the wettest April for 130 years.

Two picnic tables from the Old School Field have been removed to be repaired owing to vandalism.
sign of the times is the reduction in daily visits to the village by the milkman owing to the rocketing cost of petrol.
Jeremy Foster has recently celebrated his 60th birthday with a trip to Rome to see the Eternal City for himself.
The winners of the Fishlake 100 Club Draw for April were Mrs W.Molyneaux, Mrs F. Wade and Mrs K.Smith whilst the church clock winders for May will be Ian and Chris Holiday.
Mike Wilson has sent me a DVD copy of a cinefilm which he took in 1970 showing the Women's Institute presenting the Black and White Minstrels. Already, I have tracked down Mrs Thrower, one of the participants. Does anyone else know who took part? 30/04/12
THE COFFEE Morning on Saturday in aid of the street party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee raised £533 and was extremely well supported. The prize winners were Mike at the Hare and Hounds who won a basket of fruit, Bernard Buck the meat tray, Rita Southgate the champagne, Joy Chaffer the wine and chocolates, Michelle Jackson the handbag, Anne Bradley the rose plant, Lynn Elliott the tin of biscuits, Pat Jackson the plant, Rowland Shepherd the meerkats and Marie Watson the plant.
One swallow may not make a summer ,but the one which arrived on 16th April was soon followed by others.
Marlene Whittaker won the quiz in the Old Anchor Inn on Tuesday.
 Fishlake's postcards are now on sale in the tourist office in Doncaster and are winging their way around the globe. Sales benefit the Parish Church Restoration Fund and the Village Hall.
What price can we put on history? Well, last week the British Library paid £9 million to acquire Saint Cuthbert's copy of Saint John's Gospel in Latin. It is the oldest European book which remains intact. It belonged to Saint Cuthbert and was saved by monks who fled from Lindisfarne on the arrival of Viking raiders in the tenth century. The monks travelled with their precious artefacts and Saint Cuthbert's body down the east coast, up the Humber and along the Don to Fishlake where the church was named in his honour. After more wandering Saint Cuthbert was buried in Durham Cathedral where the hand written Gospel was discovered in his grave in 1104. The book will be displayed in London and then in Durham next year.23/04/12
WITH the aim of raising funds to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee here in the village a coffee morning will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday morning between 10 and 12.
The winners oft the Fishlake 100 Club Draw in March were Mrs B. Clarke, Mrs J.Bowden and Mr R. Walker.
 Thursday sees the monthly meeting of an increasingly successful Women's Institute who have been adding victories in the quiz world to their portfolio of victories.
 To join Tuesday morning's Exercise Sessions for the Over 50s led by Donna contact Lynne Williamson on 841293.
 Sadly, the village has lost a long time resident Karl Peters at the age of 86. Mr Peters was born in Poland.
 Heating fuel has been stolen this week from Saint Cuthbert's church. Oil and petrol are increasing targets for theft in days when the pound counter goes round faster than the number of litres.
 Fishlake Parish Council has announced a village clean-up. Expect the Fishlake Fettlers shortly! 16/04/12

THE VIEW from Fishlake Nab changed forever on the first of April when one of the cooling towers at Thorpe Marsh Power station was demolished at dawn.

Entries for the Diamond Jubilee Queen can be posted in the patriotic tins in both pubs, the hairdresser's and the butcher's.Applications are invited from under 18s who live in Fishlake with a closing date of 4th May. The lucky winner will have a dress made for her or if she prefers she may wear her own outfit.
At the Annual General Meeting of the parish council chaired by Councillor John Waite it was announced that the next section of the lighting programme will be along Hay Green and Pinfold Lane up to Pinfold Gardens. The chairman thanked Cllr Chaffer and his team for their work ion the village plan and the Monday Club for their endeavours to beautify the village.
The precept of £34,800 is to remain the same whilst the council is to stockpile sand in case of flooding. Subsidence of five foot from mining is causing a real problem in Fosterhouses where the water table has now risen and five mobile pumps are in operation to protect property. There  has been an extra busy police presence recently with increasing numbers joining the Neighbourhood Watch and the council intends to ask for repeater signs for the 30 m.p.h. speed limit in the village. We were also told to expect a village clean-up by the Fishlake Fettlers ! 09/04/12

SAINT Cuthbert's Easter Fayre raised a fantastic £680-17 on Saturday in the Village Hall with Mrs Joyce Chaffer winning the first prize in the raffle and the Sengelo children scooping the prizes in the Easter Bonnet competition.

A wonderful afternoon was spent recently by the Thursday Coffee Club and its members when they attended a performance of 'The Good Old Days' in the Civic Theatre.
The Rhodes, Fishlake's settlers on the Spanish costas, are settling in well. Their Spanish is improving and Nina has found herself a little job in an Animal Welfare charity shop whilst Terry has joined a darts team.
The Village Hall is planning to hold a jumble sale in June to raise funds. Any contributions of jumble will be gratefully received by Mrs Chaffer.
After much deliberation Fishlake Drama Group has decided on 'Mother Goose' as this year's pantomime.
Good Friday will see a service  at 7 p.m. whilst Easter  Day will be welcomed at 9.30 a.m. in Saint Cuthbert's 02/04/12

THE CLOCKS have changed and Saint Cuthbert's church is  celebrating Easter early with a Coffee Morning this Saturday from 10 till 12 in the Village Hall.

One event will be conspicuous by its absence from the calendar this year. The annual mummmers' play for St. George's  Day has  been cancelled as the position of Saint Andrew was  unfilled as  was  another role owing to overbooking by the thespians.
The village has been treated to an annual show  by the mad March hares who have been racing and boxing in the fields at dusk.
Councillor John Waite will be winding up the church clock throughout April.
A referendum is to be held in May on the future of the position of the elected mayor of Doncaster. Fishlake has had connections with both of Doncaster's elected mayors. The first mayor, Martin Winter , had already represented Fishlake on DMBC and was employed for a time by the Friends of Fishlake Old School and the second mayor, Peter Davies, grew  up in Sykehouse whilst his father had the butcher's shop in Fishlake.
Calling all historians !  Does  anyone have any knowledge of Robert de Fishlake who in 1408 gave evidence at the Court of Chivalry that he had served in John of Gaunt's  expedition to Saint Malo as an archer and had been a member of Thomas  de Mowbray's household ? Did he have any connection with the village? 25/03/12
EASTER is almost upon us and Saint Cuthbert's is celebrating with a coffee morning on Saturday 31st March between 10 and 12 in the Village Hall. Come and view  the cakes, cards, books and bric a brac whilst chatting with friends or letting the children take part in an activity.
Following a presentation in the Village Hall the parish council has decided to proceed with its programme of replacing DMBC's street lights with Victorian lamps. Residents have just received leaflets informing them that yet again Fishlake has the highest council tax in the metropolitan borough ahead of our neighbours in Stainforth, Thorne and Sykehouse.
Sadly, the village has lost Douglas  Fox at the age of 83. Mr Fox was formerly an inspector in the police force and lived on Pinfold Lane.
It is said that to constitute an orchard you need five trees.Why not grow and help save a local variety of apple? To purchase a rare Sykehouse Russet contact Bernwode Fruit trees in Buckinghamshire on 01844 237415 19/03/12

EVERY household has received a copy of Falconer, the newsletter of the Fishlake Falcons ( the village's junior football club) who practise on Sour Lane. The ethos of the club and its growth since 2009 are described  as are the social and fund raising events.

The winners of the Fishlake 100 Club Draw for February were Mrs Mary Sheldon, Mrs Doris Nicholls and Mrs Pat Omar whilst the clock winder in the church tower for March is Howard Mason.
Saint Cuthbert's will be celebrating Mothering Sunday on 18th March at 9.30 am.
As reported last week, plans are afoot to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee here in the village. A fund raising coffee morning is planned for Saturday, 21st April with a Diamond Jubilee Ball for 12th May at Fishlake Mill, an evening of cricket matches, that quintessentially English event , will take place on 1st June with the Fishlake Falcons hosting football matches in the morning of 2nd June. That  afternoon will see a parade with floats, a street party on Pinfold Lane, a brass band and children's entertainer followed by a hog roast, a treasure hunt, wheelbarrow races and a live band and disco to mark this once in a life time occasion. 12/03/12

RUBBISH consisting of plastic bags, tin cans and other items has been strewn along the hedgerows bordering Sour Lane, turning an attractive entrance to the village into an eyesore.

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Tuesday, 13th March and will include a presentation on future plans for more Victorian lights in Fishlake.
Stainforth Library which serves borrowers in Fishlake was reopened on Saturday by Cllr. Eddie Nesbitt, the Mayor of Stainforth, who cut the ribbon. It will now feature a café, a charity shop to raise funds and will continue to provide books, DVDs and computer access. A change of books will still be provided by DMBC but the library will be run by volunteers under the leadership of STAINFORTH4ALL.
A meeting to discuss the provisions for celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was held by Cllr. Mrs Pam Webb on Friday morning in the Village Hall. Ideas such as a hog roast, hiring a children's entertainer, holding a fundraising ball at Fishlake Mill, closing a road and hiring a brass band were mooted as was the idea of crowning a Jubilee Queen.
Members of Fishlake Drama Group attended a production of "Big" at Trinity Academy in Thorne last week to see Toni Goulden, their chairperson, perform in what they declared to be a stunning musical. This was Toni's last musical before she leaves the academy in the summer. 05/03/12
FISHLAKE Parish Council discussed dog fouling, overgrown hedges, the state of the roads and the growth of the Neighbourhood Watch in the village at their meeting on Tuesday. Councillors are to ask the Environment Agency for an inspection of the river bank after its recent use by a number of four wheeled drive vehicles associated with horses on the banks. The Safer Neighbourhood Team also attended the meeting and have been following up the changing of number plates at the roadside in Fosterhouses and the theft of agricultural equipment. Parish councillors resolved to contact Ed. Miliband , M.P., and our M.E.P.s to ask them to look into the poor broadband speeds in the village. Cllr. Mrs Pam Webb would value the public's ideas on how to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in June and it was agreed to support a tree planting programme around the village in conjunction with the Woodland Trust. A presentation will be made from six till seven o'clock on Tuesday, 13th March about the parish council's plans for more lights in the village before the start of the monthly parish meeting.
 The Thursday Coffee Club is planning a visit to The Good Old Days at the Civic Theatre in March.Their costumes should be a picture.20/02/12

JANUARY'S winners of the 100 Club were Paula Corner, Jane Richards and Harry Fogg. This half-term week sees a busy workshop in the Village Hall for primary school aged children who are studying the Story of Joseph. The vicar, Rev. Eve Atherfold, will be holding her annual pancake party at 6 p.m.on Shrove Tuesday at Runswick House in aid of Water Aid.

 Photographs of villagers at the 1940's evening in January may now be seen on the village website on www.fishlakevillage.co.uk
Apologies to dog walkers and to families with small children have been received from the members of the Badsworth Hunt which burst through hedges and fields recently on its visit to the village. 13/02/12

THE BADSWORTH Hunt dropped in on the village last Tuesday complete with hounds and huntsmen. Residents may survey another winter scene by walking along the freshly cleared path from the Camel's Hump to the river bank where the Monday Club has been hacking and trimming the hedges. The path will eventually lead them to the church yard where the Monday Club moved next and has helped reveal the west doorway to its former glory by removing much of a century's clutter which stood around it. Saint Cuthbert's has received grants of £70,000 from WREN (the Waste Recycling For Environmental ) and £99,000 from English Heritage along with generous help from the community to restore the chancel roof and windows. The roof is also being topped with stainless steel sheeting and now includes an additional vent to accommodate the rare bats. One couple from Edenthorpe who attend regularly may not recognise the building when it emerges from its scaffolding,dust and rubble when they marry there in August.

In advance of the four inches of dazzling white snow DMBC gritted the main bus route and Sour Lane, thereby keeping us in touch with the outside world. Speaking  of the outside world, Peter Trimingham would be pleased to hear from you about your computer speeds so that he can pass them on to Digital Region to improve our broadband speeds. 06/02/12

LAST week's 1940's evening benefited the  Help the Heroes Charity by £453-53 which included a generous donation of £100 from the Parochial Church Council. The organisers, Mr and Mrs Hill, Mr and Mrs Maltby, Mr and Mrs Robinson,  Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs White and Mrs H. Whitehead were delighted with the support.

Cllr Peter Trimingham intends to put pressure on Fishlake Parish Council next week to remind the Digital Region , the superfast broadband scheme funded by the European Union for South Yorkshire, that  outlying areas like ours still need help..
Residents are reminded that Stainforth Bridge will be closed for up to a week at half-term ( from 13 February) for resurfacing.
 A date for your diaries will be 14th July when Fishlake Festival will take place. 30/01/12

TUESDAY saw a new arrival in the village when removal vans were spotted outside the Vicarage. The new Bishop of Doncaster, Peter Burrows, and his wife Jane were moving in. Formerly the Archdeacon of Leeds, he will be consecrated as a bishop in York Minster on 2nd February and will be welcomed to Doncaster Minster in a special service on 11th February. He is interested in the Church in Argentina and Sri Lanka, cooking, hospitality and Formula 1 racing. The Vicarage is now to be known as Doncaster House.

In spite of gales and frost this week snowdrops are peeping through in my garden.
Underneath a huge silk parachute in red, white and blue villagers gathered in the Village Hall on Saturday to hear Marina Mae and Major Swing and join in the Fox Trot, Barn dance, Valleta, Gay Gordons and the Military Two step. Great care was taken with 1940's costumes with spivs,land girls and the military in evidence. The highlight of the evening was an appearance by Carmen Miranda complete with fruit piled high. Naturally, Mr Churchill was invited to draw the raffle. All proceeds went to Help the Heroes. 23/01/12

YET AGAIN Jubilee Bridge was closed at the weekend without warning as the Environment Agency completed its work on the banks. Wonderful sunsets have provided Fishlake Art Club with some fine opportunities over the first two weeks of the New Year.

 The police have been active in the village with their speed gun recently and have intercepted a number of drivers.
 Keith Milnes at the butcher's shop is keeping window stickers for the Neighbourhood Watch and has an enrolment sheet for villagers who wish to join.
 The good news from the parish council meeting on Tuesday was the precept which will remain unchanged for 2012. A flood plan is now in place for the village and the wardens have been briefed. No progress has yet been made in the plans to resurface the village's roads  and a preliminary discussion took place on plans for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee . The parish council declared itself in favour of Doncaster's Neighbourhood Charter and had no new information on mining under the village.16/01/2012

A  POLISH violinist and a Highland piper helped see in the New Year at the Mill in Fishlake with good food, champagne and canapés. Revellers stayed until 5 a.m. which did not prevent Fishlake's Drama Group supporting the Phoenix Players in Hatfield Woodhouse later that day with their production of Robin Hood.

The winners of the 100 Club Draw for December were Junette Travis, Julie Latto and Keith Cowlishaw with Douglas White winding up the church clock throughout January.
Tickets for the Back to the 1940's evening on 21st January have completely sold out. The proceeds will go to Help for  Heroes. Half forgotten dance steps suddenly return when the band plays up and community singing becomes the norm. 09/01/2012

ICY ROADS led to three cars overturning in the weeks leading up to Christmas when they were negotiating the narrow bends on Sour Lane which is ungritted in winter. Money from the wind farm at Tween Bridge has been reserved for Fishlake's community groups by E.on if representatives attend the drop-in meeting at Moorends Miners' Welfare between 10 a.m. and 1p.m. and 2 till 4p.m. on Wednesday, 18th January.

On the agenda for the parish council meeting on 10th January will be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. News has reached us that Stainforth Bridge will close on Monday, 13th February for up to a week for resurfacing. 02/01/2012

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