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The Fishlake Heritage Trail is 5 mile circular walk around Fishlake village and the surrounding countryside.


Starting from The Landing in the centre of the village, the trail takes you along Main Street and into Church Street towards St Cuthbert's Church.


On the right you pass the former Post Office and Village Shop and the former Customs House. On the left is Hall Farm, once known as The Old Hall.

The first of two limestone crosses in the village is located on the bend of the road.


St Cuthbert's Churchyard

Proceed to the churchyard gates, passing the Hare and Hounds Public House on the left, and into the churchyard.

Follow the path through the churchyard and out of the iron gate at the other side.

The path then narrows and crosses a stile and a wooden bridge.

When the path emerges onto the road take a left turn and look at The Pinfold on the opposite side of the road. This was used as pound for confining stray animals and was managed by a local pinder.


Retrace your steps and take a left turn, a signposted public footpath, and emerge alongside the Fishlake Endowed School.

As you emerge onto Pinfold lane, note the old cottages on the opposite side of the road.

Turn left and proceed along Pinfold lane, around the double bend and past the Cricket Club.

After about half a mile, at the next bend, you will see some polytunnels on the right.



This is a fishing lake and the trail goes through the grounds around the lake, there is a public footpath signpost.

Walk around the lake, to the left, and at the far side there is a style.



Cross this style and head across the field to the right, heading towards a large black tank under a tree, to the next style.

Climb over this style and walk across the field, keeping close to the hedge on the right.

At the end of the field there is another style. Climb over this and turn left onto Hayes Lane.

Continue to the end of this lane and turn left onto Sorrell Lane.


Continue along this lane until you reach the farm. Turn right down the grassy path, signposted, and continue on this track until the road is reached. Turn left and walk along the footpath. As the road bends to the left take a signposted footpath.

To be continued....................

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